What we've accomplished so far

9 Inland Offload Facilities
30+ Voyages Upriver
1000+ Components Moved
Tow Sizes From 1-25 Barges
3M+ Cost Savings for OEM

Our Partners

Sea of Gravity

Marine Warranty Surveyor
Marine Terminal Planning
Marine Operations Risk Assessment
Marine Heavy Lift Specialists
Maritime Safety Specialists
Marine Terminal Inventory and Claims
Rigging storage, and inspection

Atlas Pathfinder

Waterway and road surveying
Project Planning and Execution
Civil Planning / Permitting
Asset/cargo tracking
OEM Background
Focused on wind turbines with rotor sizes over 136 meters

Gulf Marine Contractors

Lead logistics provider to theOffshore Energy Industry
Marine Transport Services
Inland and Offshore Chartering
FMC Licensed Freight Forwarder
Customs Bonded Carrier
Licensed Port Agent

What we do


Engineering & Transport Planning

- Motion Response Analysis
- Equipment Selection
- Stability Calculations
- Seafastening Calculations
- Marine Coordination -
Weather routing &
24 hour voyage monitoring


Port Handling & Marine Contracting

-Terminal/Stevedore/Port Management - Crane Selection, Laydown Planning, Wind Turbine Handling Expertise
- Fast throughout models - Direct discharge &Indirect discharge
- HSE Field professionals
-Equipment Selection
-Tug/Barge Chartering
-Marine Assurance
-Voyage Operating


Inland Terminal Development & Civil Planning

- Feasibility assessment for transload yards, railheads, docks and wind farm sites (including routes)
- Operational layout for any transload operations (water, rail and road)
- Crane and crew sizing and lifting plans (crawler crane expertise)


Route Planning & Delivery to Site

- Land leasing and local permitting (governmental relation management) / including bonding
- Civil improvements (on site or on route)
- Project Management and Tracking
- Wind Turbine Transport Budgeting and Freight Contracting

Real Model


Intercoastal 1700-Mile Waterway Transport

Seapath is proud to have completed the highest volume wind turbine generator transport in US history with chartering and management of 12 barges and tug boats.

Turnkey Inland Transport of 66x54M Blades

Seapath was responsible for marine asset contracting and management, terminal operations/safety pre-planning and oversight, and Port Captain attendance for the transfer of 66 turbine blades to their dedicated deck barges.

Real-Time Oversight Eliminates Guesswork

The app that solves visibility issues in WTG component shipping.


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